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A community of Imperfect Families. Respectful parenting. Encouragement, education & support.

The Neighborhood

About Us

We are a group of parents using positive, respectful parenting with our kids. We don't do this perfectly, and we don't expect perfection from our kids. The goal of this group is to support, encourage, celebrate and learn from one another. No judgment. No shame. No spam.

The group is run by Nicole Schwarz, Parent Coach, LMFT, and mom to 3 girls. She is the owner of Imperfectfamilies.com and offers online parent coaching sessions to parents worldwide.


Why You Should Join Us

  • We love to laugh, have fun, and find joy in the chaos that comes with raising kids
  • Make friends with parents who are going through similar parenting challenges
  • Share - and receive - encouragement, empathy, and support
  • Opportunity to ask honest questions and get feedback in a safe environment
  • Teaching, instruction, and courses taught by Nicole Schwarz
  • Additional support groups focused on specific concerns, child development stages, or current life stresses
  • Plus, it's not connected to Facebook, so you don't have to worry about your friends and family accidentally reading your posts

You're Not Alone

So many of us are lonely. We may talk to other moms at the bus stop or chat with the check out clerk, but we're lacking a place to honestly share our struggles and concerns with someone who understands.

Social media is OK, but it's also full of polarized political opinions, rude comments, and the risk of being misunderstood (or worse!)

What we really want is community.

A safe, encouraging place to talk about parenting challenges without feeling judged, criticized, shamed, or uneasy. 

A place to go when we're feeling overwhelmed, stressed, confused, or frustrated.

Somewhere to share our successes without being accused of bragging. 

If you're longing for community, I’d love for you to join us!

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