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This is a community of parents who are working to use positive, respectful, grace-filled parenting strategies in their family. Of course, we also recognize that we are imperfect families. Some days are amazing, and some days...well, they're a struggle.

We are here to support you through the ups and downs of parenting. No one is expecting perfection here. No one has it all figured out. The goal is to have a respectful, safe, thoughtful conversation. Asking questions and getting honest feedback, things to try, and lots and lots of empathy.

This is not the place to sell your goods, services, or products. This is not a substitute for mental health therapy. Any members who use rude, derogatory, demeaning, hateful, or hurtful language will be asked to leave or permanently blocked. Disagreements may happen, but they must be handled in a respectful, thoughtful manner.

I look forward to getting to know you better and create a space where we can encourage each other in our parenting. 

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